16mm Adapter Fitting- Part# 16MM

This clean multi-purpose billet CNC fitting is 16mm x 1.5 with a 1/8” NPT hole.  This fitting can be used on many of the Sportbike engines for oil passage or water jacket access. Pressure and temperature senders from all major gauge manufacturers thread right in.  The 16mm side of the fitting is designed to use the crush washer that is currently on the engine.  The hex portion of the fitting is 19mm for easy installation and removal.  Pictured is the fitting in use on the Suzuki Hayabusa for oil pressure, water temperature and oil feed to a turbo. 

Price $13.50

Hayabusa Oil Cooler Block off- Part# HYOCBO

If you are not running an oil cooler on your Suzuki Hayabusa here is the ticket for you. A billet CNC 7071 aluminum block off accepts the OEM oil cooler line O-Ring and bolts.   If you don’t have the bolts or O-Rings, no worries we do, and the part numbers are listed below. Also fits the GSXR 1000.

Price $11.95

Hayabusa Oil Cooler Adapter- Part# HYOCA

Here is a simple way to set up an oil cooler on your ride.  These billet CNC machined 7071 aluminum fittings bolt directly to the engine, oil pan and oil cooler using all the OEM bolts and O-Rings.  The outlet is ¼” NPT (not like the restrictive 1/8” NPT fittings we have seen) to accept any AN or pipe adapter you need to run.  We like to use –6 AN line and fittings for the cooler.   FOR YOUR SAFETY and the safety of your engine, DO NOT USE RUBBER HOSE and HOSE CLAMPS.  All the necessary AN fittings are available from us, or we will tell you what you need to get.  Pictured is the adapter in use on the mighty Hayabusa.

Price $13.50

Hayabusa Instrument or Hayabusa Dash Mount- Part # HYDASHMNT

Theses slick black anodized aluminum brackets use the OEM rubber mounts and 1 ¼” bar clamps to secure your Hayabusa gauges to your frame rail.  The gauges are perfectly clear and visible and do not “rattle apart” due to the cushioning of the OEM rubber mounts.  Since the gauges are attached to your frame rail with the bar clamps you can maneuver them up/down and left/right to suit your needs.  The Hayabusa gauge mounts are shipped complete as a pair with all necessary stainless steel hardware.

Price $89.95

Hayabusa Heavy Duty Clutch Springs- Part# HYCSPRING

These APE clutch springs apply the needed pressure to your stock or modified Hayabusa engine.  These are the best springs we have found thus far to prevent slippage. A slave cylinder support is MANDATORY for these springs see Part# hyslvsup. The heavy duty clutch springs are sold six to a set, as pictured.

Price $55


Hayabusa High Volume Oil Pump Gear- Part# HYHVOP

Here is a required part for your turbo engine or a nice addition to a stock or slightly modified engine.  We include the HV Oil Pump gear in our Heads Up Performance Hayabusa Turbo kits.  The gear is a direct replacement for the stock gear, no modifications needed.  A new Suzuki circlip is included as well as complete installation instructions.

Price $130

Hayabusa Oil Pan Windage Tray- Part# OPTRAY

This windage tray from Lee’s Performance keeps the oil at the sump where it is needed during hard acceleration/de-acceleration or running the dunes. Complete color instructions make this simple job even easier.

Price $27.95

Hayabusa Lock Up Clutch-  part # hylu

For high horsepower applications or four seat cars this is the ticket to keep your clutch from slipping.  The lock up kit includes the lock up assembly, a billet aluminum inner hub that replaces the OEM back torque limiter and hub, heavy clutch springs and hardware.

The pressure plate is modified with hardened tool steel buttons for the lock up fingers to ride on and the clutch cover is modified to accept the lock up assembly.  We have the modified pressure plate and clutch cover in stock so you are not down for a couple weeks while the modifications are performed.  Your clutch cover and pressure plate are needed as cores.

Price $750

Hayabusa Transmission Repair

While in second gear under hard acceleration is there a clunking noise and it feels like you are driving over rail road ties?  If so, your second and sixth gear are going south on you and we can help.  We stock replacement gears both stock and undercut to get you back in action.  Complete undercut Hayabusa transmissions are stocked as are shift drums and shift forks.  A Hayabusa billet output shaft is available for severe duty applications.

Contact us for pricing on your transmission upgrade or repair needs.


Hayabusa PAIR Valve Block Off- Part# HYPAIR

Better known as exhaust block offs, these stainless steel pieces withstand the excessive heat the turbos put out and will not fail as the aluminum parts we have witnessed. The block offs are supplied as shown. A small dab of high temp silicone and the reused stock nuts secure the block off. If needed, zinc coated nuts are available
(Part# NUT6) @ 50 cents for a bag of eight.

Hayabusa Clutch Slave Cylinder support- Part# HYSLVSUP

We have sold or installed this simple device on nearly 100 Hayabusa engines without sprocket cover failure.  If you have heavy duty clutch springs, or a large bore clutch master cylinder this item is a MUST.  If you have not cracked the cover yet, chances are you will.  I have customers who have installed this on their cracked cover with no need to replace the damaged cover.  If you need a sprocket cover, check out Part# hyspktcvr. The slave cylinder support kit is supplied as pictured ready to bolt on.

Price $32.50

Hayabusa Sprocket cover- Part# HYSPKTCVR

In the event that you did not have a slave cylinder support installed, here is your fix; a brand new direct replacement Suzuki part. Sold bare, just swap over your slave cylinder and speedo sensor.

Price $68.50


Hayabusa / GSXR Sprocket nut- Part# HYSPKTNUT

If, after swapping sprockets a time or two, your sprocket nut is looking a little rough toss one of these guys on.  A genuine Suzuki part with a locking agent applied it is ready for install.

Price $8.75


Hayabusa Clutch Slave Cylinder Parts

If you have been playing in the sand for a while with the GSXR 1100 or the Hayabusa engines you may recognize a few of these parts.  If you are having problems with your clutch slave cylinder (located on the sprocket cover), here are a few parts to help you out. 

First is the preventative item, the “Sand Seal” kit (part # slvseal).  These parts seal the clutch push rod and slave cylinder piston from the slave cylinder to the engine with O-Rings to ELIMINATE sand damage.  The second item is the slave cylinder rebuild kit if you damaged the piston seal with sand. (part # slvrebld).  Finally, if you waited too long and have damaged the slave cylinder due to sand infiltration, here is the Genuine OEM Suzuki slave cylinder replacement (part # slvcyl).

Sand Seal (slvseal) $44.95
Slave cylinder rebuild kit (slvrebld) $11.95
Suzuki Slave cylinder (slvcyl) $68.95


Hayabusa Billet Oil Pan- Part #HYOILPAN

If you need to gain a few inches of ground clearance and half a quart of additional capacity, this pan will do the job.  The oil pan is a machined work of art from a single block of billet 6061 aluminum and includes a new swivel oil sump pick up.  The oil pick up will swivel from front to back, depending if you are accelerating or decelerating or ascending or descending a dune to eliminate oil starvation.  This is not one of the sub-par import knock off’s, this pan is made in USA!  Shown with optional turbo drain and oil passage block offs.

Price $434.95

Cooling Fan Relay- Part #FANRELAY

Tired of forgetting to turn your radiator fan on to cool your ride? Is your charging system having trouble keeping up? Here is a simple way to help both those problems. The cooling fan relay kit will start and stop the fan keeping the engine at the correct temperature. Since it is run directly from the battery, you will not draw needed power away from the engine electronics. An added bonus is the relay has a circuit breaker instead of a fuse so it will not leave you stranded if there is a problem. The kit includes all the electronics and connectors as well as a one inch hose adapter. Simply cut your coolant hose and connect both ends of the cut hose to the adapter. The thermal switch is installed in the adapter, so this will work on anyone’s cooling system.  Again, everything needed is included as well as detailed instructions

Price $ 119.95


Fuel Pump Relay- Part # PUMPRELAY

Another way to help out your charging system keep up is to install a fuel pump relay kit.  This will allow the fuel pump to be powered off the battery providing more voltage to the pump and the engine electronics.  The added voltage to the pump is especially important in a turbo charged car to maintain fuel pressure.  The kit is supplied complete with all the hardware needed and detailed instructions.

Price $ 54.95


Hayabusa Spark Plugs

NGK CR9E- Standard replacement for normally aspirated (NA) or turbo charged- $4.35 each

NGK CR9EK- Upgrade, ideal for large CC engines or turbo applications- $7.85 each

NGK CR9EIX- Ultimate Iridium plug for NA or turbo engines-
$9.95 each

When you order the plugs, let us know the application and we will gap the plugs for you!


Suzuki OEM Oil Filter- Part # SUZFILTER

We have been building Suzuki engines for many years and we FULLY trust the OEM Suzuki filter.

Price $11.50


Scott’s Performance Oil Filter- Part # S2

If you insist on the best for your engine, this is for you.  Located in a billet aluminum housing, the filter is made from medical grade 304 stainless steel micronic cloth.  It filters particles as small as 35 microns (a grain of salt is 120 microns).  The filter is a direct replacement for the OEM filter and will last a lifetime.  Just wash the “filter” portion and install.  We use the Scott’s filter on our turbo Hayabusa and other “projects”.  If you change your oil as often as you should, the Scott’s filter will pay for itself in no time.

Price $109.95

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