What separates us from the others?

Sick Sand Travel Hayabusa Turbo

We have spent the last five years refining our Hayabusa turbo kit to be the best performing, best appearing and most reliable kit in the market.  The simplicity of the kit allows you to understand why it performs so well for you.  We don’t use proprietary parts that no one else can obtain or adjust.  Our parts are chosen for their performance, reliability, availability and price.

Look over our parts list and compare the quality of our parts and how complete our kit is.  No searching for hardware, fittings or zip ties, EVERYTHING is included.

You won’t find a $10 fuel filter or brass elbow fittings here, every kit utilizes Aeromotive fuel filters and aircraft (AN) fittings throughout with the virtually indestructible CPE Push Lock hose (braided stainless steel is available).


We build the turbo system.
We install the turbo system.
We tune the turbo system.
We perform R&D with the turbo system.
We build and maintain Hayabusa engines.
We can answer your technical questions (see above).

The Kit-

The stage one Sandrail kit with components listed below is $3895.  This combination has produced over 250 rear wheel horsepower on PUMP gas at ONLY 8 lbs. of boost!  Higher boost levels can be accomplished by replacing the stock injectors. We are constantly performing R&D on the Dyno to obtain the most power with minimal boost levels for performance and reliability. 

The kit uses the following components-
Mitsubishi Super 16G or 20G w/ 10 or 15psi waste gate actuator
304 Stainless steel header and boost tube
High pressure CPE fuel line with AN fittings
Braided stainless steel oil feed to turbo
Aeromotive billet fuel filter with replaceable filter
Accel 500 horsepower fuel pump
BEGI Billet fuel pressure regulator
High Volume Oil pump gear
Silicone vacuum/pressure hose
High temp. Silicone connectors with TRUE liner style clamps
Plenum and boost tube are polished
Ceramic coated exhaust side of turbo 
Ceramic coated exhaust pipe
All fuel system/sensor mods

The kit installed with fuel and ignition mapping on the Dyno with no engine top end
work. $4995.00

Additional options include-
Autometer liquid filled boost gauge $55
Dynojet Power Commander  $399.95
Braided stainless steel fuel lines  $150
Pingel High Flow petcock for fuel tank $92.50
Complete pre-assembly of turbo kit, cuts customer install time by 75%.  $200
Aftermarket injectors, will support 345 rear wheel Horsepower  $480
Aftermarket injectors and fuel rail, will support 475 rear wheel Horsepower  $675
*Some of the above items require additional parts and labor.


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